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As any parent knows, children have pretty wild imaginations. They can find elaborate excuses to get out of eating their greens (‘the peas look like Aliens, I can’t eat them’) and brilliant ways to coax you into buying them toys (‘I promise I’ll clean my room if you buy me this’.)

But now there’s a fun way to put those creative little minds to good work and boost their scientific thinking at the same time.

Marks & Spencer have launched an ‘Inventors Wanted’ campaign, inviting kids to submit a brilliant idea for school uniforms. It could be a blazer that glows in the dark, or a pair of shoes that shine themselves. Maybe sunglasses with an in-built calculator, or a hovering rucksack. It could even be a tie that doubles up as a measuring tape. Actually that’s not a bad idea…

The winning creative child will be treated to a very fabulous prize. It includes a trip for them and their family to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, where they’ll meet an astronaut – or win a £150 voucher.

Creativity Rewarded

I would have loved this challenge as a kid. In fact, I remember being at school wanting a pencil with an in-built microphone to speak to my friend. We are talking 1985 here, and I know – they exist these days as ‘walkie talkies’. Yeah, I was definitely ahead of the game!

Whatever the idea, no matter how big or small, how bonkers or obvious it may seem, M&S want to hear from you. Well not you, but your little one. The competition is open to all ages (T&C apply) from now until August 24, 2015.

The leading clothing brand is well known for its own innovations in school clothing. From permanent pleats in skirts that save on ironing, to elasticated cuffs that make dressing easier.

Although the winning idea isn’t made, the challenge will keep your child occupied for hours. There’s a fab prize to win too!

Enter now here.

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