A (road) trip down memory lane…

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Every now and then we need a trip down memory lane…

You know me, I’m one for a bit of nostalgia, and Christmas is a good time for that for sure! Out comes the tired Christmas decorations and Granny’s traditional recipes she passed down to me, as I try (and fail) to be Mum of the year!

car1But there’s another bit of nostalgia that happens around this time of year for me – and that’s fond memories of getting my first car.

My Dad knows a lot about motors, and despite my protest for a brand new yellow shiny Lotus, he equipped me with a sky blue Ford Focus for Christmas 2000!

And while it wasn’t quite the ‘bling’ I had hoped for, I grew very attached to that car, and still have fond memories of driving ‘Bebe’ as she was affectionately known (Bebe was an abbreviation for the ‘Blue Banger’ – BB).

It was acceptable in the 90s

This of course was sometime in the 90s, when Robbie Williams was ALWAYS on my car radio – a time before digital radio, a time before MP3s and a time before Simon Cowell dominated the charts. Who’d have ever thought it would be such an innocent time!

While today you might go to an established dealership like Bristol Street Motors to buy a car, back in the day it wasn’t so sophisticated. In the case of my Dad, we acquired Bebe off a family friend. I in fact inherited her from ‘Uncle George’ (not actually an Uncle) and I remember it took weeks, maybe months to evacuate the smell of stale fags from it – no easy feat with manual wind down windows!

car-windowMy first love

But Bebe was always faithful to me, we did lots of trips from Surrey to Southampton, and late night journeys from some terrible nightclubs in Reading. I was of course always sober as the designated driver, giving me some appreciation for what Uber drivers must have to put up with, if passengers were anything like my friends!

Like most youngsters, the Ford Focus was a popular choice, least of all because the engine didn’t go too fast, and it was seen as a safe, reliable choice. And that it was.

Take a trip down memory lane…

It’s not really a surprise that it’s still a popular choice today, as they celebrate their 40th anniversary this year. And if like me you love a bit of nostalgia, you should check out this link for a road-trip down memory lane…  https://www.bristolstreet.co.uk/blog/the-history-of-the-ford-fiesta/

Oh Bebe, she saw some action, and was subjected to a lot of Robbie Williams and backseat snogging, but I hope she forgave me, it was the 90s after all…