Returning to work after maternity leave

So long faux NCT friends, cheerio Jerome the dry cleaner, goodbye dear June in Boots. The time has come to return to work after my year hiatus of maternity leave, and here’s five good reasons to look forward to returning to work after your year out….

2018 is here, and with it being the start of the year, it’s the natural time many parents return to work from time out to bring up a family. I wrote this when I returned to work, I hope it resonates with you too…

Cheerio new old life…

I’ve enjoyed my coffee mornings, aimless wondering up and down the local high street and mingling with the daytime crowd. But the truth is, it’s time to return to reality. 

And while the wrench of not being within peeing distance of my child upsets me, I know it will be ok. 

And so I returned to work, and realised it was actually more than OK. I discovered the one thing I had forgotten about over the past year. Myself. 

So my friends, companions and fellow new Mums and Dads (but mostly Mums as you’ll see!) returning to work with trepidation. Let me give you five good reasons you’ll be glad you did. I know many of you return at the start of the year, so chin up, it’s not all that bad…

Make up.

red-woman-girl-brownAt last you have a reason to paint your face, reclaim your eyelashes and add a bit of colour to those sallow cheeks. And suddenly, you realise how much bloody better you look. You’ll also realise that you use twice as much as ‘Touch eclait’ than ever before to cover those circles. 

Decent conversation.

Never again will Tracey from accounts seem dull when you’ve spent time forcing small talk with mums in playgrounds and discussing nipple shields with Nct friends at cafe Nero! You’re not just returning to work, you’re returning to your family – kindred spirits, office banter and a much needed link to the real world. Sure you’ll feel about 100 years older but the lifeline of some of the younger peeps will make you eternally grateful. 

High heels.

If there was ever a reason to ditch those god awful slip on mummy shoes you acquired in your year of neglect, it’s now! For returning to the real world requires heels, and learning to walk in them again!

Tea and pea.

Never will you take for granted the simple pleasure of an uninterrupted cup of earl grey, or a casual walk to the toilet without having to pee at the speed of light with a toddler poking the toilet brush. If only just this, it’s worth returning to work for the unadulterated pleasure of ‘me time’. 

one and doneAppreciation.

When you have seven days a week to fill with entertaining a child, being a stay at home parent can lose its fun. Days blend into each other, weekends aren’t precious and you wonder how many more times you have to feed the ducks that week. Thankfully returning to work makes sure that you savour your time with baby even more.

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This originally appeared in The Huffington Post, written by me!