The Baby Food Diet!

doughnut“Sure” I said, “you were good this year – it’s what Santa would want” I reasoned with myself, shoving  another festive delight down my throat!  Is it any wonder that the average person puts on as much as five pounds over the festive period, consuming an average of 7,000 calories at Christmas dinner*.  Eek, no wonder those trousers don’t fit!

Unusually for me, this year I care. I recently had a baby, have gone back to work and like all Mums – neglected myself. A stolen packet of crisps here, half of baby’s unwanted dinner there, and before you know I wobble more than Mr Blobby <sigh>.

I’ve never been a fan of diets, but I had to do something, and decided that the 5:2 diet was best for me, since it actually only required me to calorie count two days a week. Easy I thought, and got going. A week later I’d given up!

So I decided that healthier eating was the right path for me, and it has been something I’ve enjoyed to some success, thanks to my kid. You see I discovered that baby food can be a good occasional substitute, since they are low in salt and sugar – almost healthier versions of food we eat.

Now, I should probably prefix this by saying I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a dietician. I have no medical understanding and am not qualified to give any kind of weight-loss advice! BUT, I did find that swapping  treats worked for me, saving me a whopping 1,200 calories a week!

crispsTake for instance, my biggest weakness… crisps! A standard 25g packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion (go on smell my onion breath!) is 130 calories. Meanwhile, Kiddlyicious ‘Quinoa Crisps’ contain a mere 62 calories – albeit they are a smaller packet.

But it makes sense doesn’t it? Trade the bad for the better where we can, eat less, smile more… or something like that!?

During my research, I picked out my top ten favourite substitutions. Admittedly, kids versions are smaller in size so it’s not an entirely fair comparison, but just to give you an idea in the kind of changes one can make, it’s quite an eye-opener.

1. Ambrosia Custard pot – 150 kcal

Swap for Cow and Gate egg custard – 79 kcal

2. Strawberry fruit corner, Muller Light – 171 kcal

Ellas Kitchen greek style Strawberry yoghurt – 79 kcal

3. Innocent, strawberry and bluberry smoothie – 171 kcal

Innocent apples & blackcurrant smoothie for kids – 104 kcal
4. A packet of Mini Oreos – 140 kcal

A packet of vanilla Go Go’s – 116 kcal

5. Maynards wine gums – 170 kcal

Bear paws dino, strawberry and apple – 55 kcal

6. Ready Brek (30g) – 165 kcal

Ella’s Kitchen banana multigrain baby rice breakfast – 51 kcal

baby food diet7. Smiths Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks (37g) – 486 kcal

Kiddlylicious veggie straws (12g) – 62 kcal

8. Chocolate-coated raisins (100g) – 390 kcal

Annabel Karmel raisins (per 14g box) – 41 kcal

9. Tyrrells Vegetable Crisps (40g) – 202 kcal

Organic Apple Rice cakes (50g) – 192 kcal

10. Three breadsticks – 66 calories kcal

Annabel Karmel kids cheese breadsticks  (10g) – 44 kcal

Still not impressed? Well, what if I told you that those ten snacks rack up 2,111 calories, while the kiddie versions a mere 823 calories – that’s a saving of 1,288 calories. Not bad huh!?

So there you have it, what do you think? Please share your thoughts and feedback with us.

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*Source: Femail

Disclaimer: As expressed, I’m not a nutritional expert, and professional advice should be sought before a diet. This is aimed at 18+ adults.