A star is BabyBjorn..

An essential read on the top BabyBjorn products every parent needs…

Every now and then in life you discover a product that’s a game-changer. And when you do, you become the world’s most loyal and devoted fan of the brand. Apple, Volkswagen, Dyson, M.A.C and Netflix, I’m talking to you!

As a writer, Huffington Post blogger, product tester and new Mum, I’ve never been introduced to as many products as I have in the past year. It really is a new world out there…

But there’s a brand that has entered the inner circle never to leave. A brand whose products I adore so much that I’ve got, well, practically everything. In fact I heart them so much, I’ve even dedicated this entire post to them.


Come forth BabyBjörn – ye Swedish saviours, I award you with the Milk Drunk trophy of ‘Services to Parentkind’!

So who is this Swedish mafia? Well if it’s possible that you’re a parent and haven’t heard of then, they’re a family-owned company established in the sixties who develop innovative products for the 0-3 year market. Their range is well honed, practical, stylish and frankly essential – in a Waitrose Hummus kind of way! And even though most of their products pre-date you and I, they manage to keep them fresh with limited edition runs, fresh colours and fabrics for the ever changing seasons.

It would be rude to come this far and not share the essentials with you, so here I go…

original black 2MY FIRST CARRIER

It was the first BabyBjörn product I bought, setting the obsession in motion. The humble classic carrier was my saviour in those early days when I needed to get about despite having a needy baby. I look back at photos and there’s so many of me and Boo posing with him fully strapped in, it’s hard to imagine how I’d have stumbled otherwise.

Best bits...

  • Small, light and easy to use
  • An absolute life-saver at airports or going up and down train station platforms
  • Helps bond and keep you and baby close together


It’s a sad day when your baby outgrows the carrier they once dangled in. But thankfully the BabyBjörn Carrier One came to the rescue. This sturdy piece of equipment is ideal for the next stage up, suitable from the teeny days to up to three years old. It keeps baby firmly strapped in, and is surprisingly easy on your back and hips thanks to its ergonomic design. I had been looking all my life for ‘The One,’ at last I had found him!
Best Bits…
  • Extra-padded shoulder straps and sturdy waist strap
  • Front and back carrying
  • Comes in a selection of colours, my current favourite is denim
  • Acknowledged as a a hip-healthy baby carrier by International Hip Dysplasia Institute


In his early first months my son wasn’t good at being left on his own, he struggled to sleep in his cot during the day and needed lots of comfort. This is when I discovered the BabyBjörn bouncer – his happy place to bounce, bottle feed and sleep. Look out for their limited edition ranges – we managed to scoop an unusual milkshake shade which everyone comments on.boun

Best bits...
  • The fabric comes off really easy to machine wash for all those milk (and wine) stains!
  • It’s super easy to fold down, like an ironing board, so doesn’t take up much room
  • Offers baby good support
  • No batteries required (hurrah!)


I was SO excited when I stumbled across the BabyBjörn kitchen range, oh my. Smiley faces, baby sized utensils and in bright happy colours. It was an instant hit.
We use it every day, but realistically from about eight months it became a staple in our house.

Best bits…

  • Fun size plate intended to help baby scoop food
  • Baby size spoon and fork with short handles
  • Comes in happy colours Blue/Orange or Pink/Purple


When Boo fell through a hotel cot last year (read post here), it changed everything. A trip to A&E in a foreign country is best avoided. Since then I’ve been extremely paranoid about where Boo sleeps, which gave me the perfect excuse to invest in the BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light - Turquoise (1)Travel Cot light which I know I can trust. I plan to review it in a few weeks, watch this space and please come back.
Best bits...
  • Safe and secure, with low mattress
  • Easy to set up and fold up
  • Soft and comfy mattress
  • Suitable for up to three years old


This is what I like to call the Happy Chair, because I don’t know a parent who hasn’t sworn by it for weaning. A modern design in a ‘less is more’ kind of way, it’s one baby item you don’t mind having around.  Easy to adjust, simple to fold and taking up less room than a small folded ladder.  Suitable from six months to three years old, another essential invention you need.
Best bits
  • Comfortable, ergonomic and safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Fold-up-able
  • Exclusively for this summer, pastel shades of green and pink available


BabyBjorn Changing Bag - Cut Out 2Big News: the ‘SoFo’ is the newest BabyBjörn product on the block, available to snap up from June. I’m expecting big things from this well thought out changing bag.
Named after the yummy mummy neighbourhood in Stockholm, the SoFo is versatile and stylish embodying everything innovative and cool that we have come to know and love from the brand.It’s versatile enough for both Dads and Mums to walk around with and can be carried over the shoulder, used as a cross body bag or fashioned as a backpack. They do think of everything!
Best bits...BabyBjorn Changing Bag - Inside 2
  • 13 pockets and a number of practical compartments
  • Dark grey on the outside, light purple on the inside
  • Unisex and can be worn three different ways

Watch the preview video here…

C’est bien, as the French would say, although I should probably break out in Swedish, if only I knew any! But what language is needed anyway, when we all speak the same – and that’s the universal head nod and thumbs-up of parent.

To find out more about the BabyBjörn range, visit their website at babybjorn.co.uk

Stockists include: John Lewis, Precious Little One, Amazon, Mothercare, Kiddicare, Peppermint and many others.