We go through it every day, and yet the pain doesn’t get any easier. I’m talking bath times with my three-year old of course!

The thing is, my son loves bath times – it’s just a case of getting him away from his toys and up to the bath that’s the problem. Something that has got harder as he has gotten older.

As ever, I turn to toys to help me through it. So, I was thrilled to receive the Swimming Adventures Ariel, which I’ve adopted into our bathroom!

Here’s five good reasons why you’re going to love Ariel in your life.

  1. Gender Universal

I’m very pro gender universal products, but even so, some toys are clearly marketed to girls or boys. Ariel, however is not, and I’m proud to say is my son’s third doll (his other is everyone’s favourite Princess). The packaging comes in an inviting blue colour, with Nemo and friends hidden in the illustrations.

  1. She Swims!

Ok, so what does this doll do? She’s the queen of the water of course and she magically brings this to life by swimming on her own when placed in water. There’s some silver connector type buttons that know she’s in water, neat huh! Obvs, batteries are required (Suitable for kids 3+).

  1. Sparks Imaginations

Lucky Ariel has so far been involved in a shark attack, pirate takeover and afternoon tea with Barry the fish! This probably wasn’t what she was expecting, but she has certainly sparked my three-year old’s imagination, bringing fun and play to bath times. Here’s the science bit – imaginative play is important for child development.


  1. Introduces a new generation to ‘The Little Mermaid’

The Little Mermaid is probably one of my favourite all-time Disney films. I had forgotten how much I loved this fairy-tale until Ariel came back into my life! Since then I’ve been showing my little one Youtube videos of ‘Under the sea’ and we’ve been singing along, super cute!

  1. Makes bath times a happy experience

And finally, I’m all for anything that makes bath times easier on us all. My son has fun, it’s easier to get him to go upstairs, and we all have a jolly splish splash!

Disney Princess, Swimming Adventures Ariel is available from Smyths Toys Tesco and Very, priced from £24.99

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