Eight animated movies for parenthood!

Here’s to animated movies!

Now I’m a parent I get to celebrate awesome days like ‘International Animation Day’ (yes it’s a thing – on October 26) and get to be a kid all over again myself!

Growing up in the 80s, the most memorable animated films I saw were Watership Down, Bambi and Care Bears the Movie! How things have moved on.

Today kids are soooo lucky with Pixar creating some of the most awesome movies, and what I always love are the scenes with double-entendres for parents to enjoy too.

So, indulge me for a moment, as I pick out my eight favourite animated movies that I will definitely make my little Boo watch.


One of the few animated films I can watch time and time again. And if you have an iPad, you can bring the magic of this film to your little one with a downloadable book app, which is sooo good, and free!


I’m showing my age, but Bambi is a timeless classic that should be passed down generation to generation, like the gem it is. Both a tear-jerker and a beautiful story of love, this bittersweet tale is one I will definitely be showing my son when he comes of age.


Aside from the little aliens in Toy Story, I would have to pick Minions as my favourite, all time animated characters from film. The beauty of the yellow creatures is that their language is universal, kids understand them without barriers. And the fact that they have names like Dave and Kevin, just make me love them more! If you’re a fan of these banana obsessed creatures, you must also check out the mini movies they’ve done too – such genius!


That scene where Grandad looks back on his life still gets me. This is such a beautiful piece of film, with a touching storyline. Probably one of my favourite movies of all time.


Apparently, the sales of clownfish rocketed after this film came out! It’s not a surprise really, such a great splash of a movie!


Therefore, you must enjoy the ‘Ugly Sisters’, who have nothing on Cruella de Ville! The ultimate bitch teamed up with the ultimate cuteness (Dalmatian puppies!) is a wonderful mix.


Mike Myers has played some pretty amazing parts, but Shrek is his finest body of work! From the little gingerbread men to donkey – this film has nailed it every step of the way.


My Mum said that when I was younger, my brother and I were transfixed by this movie. We had the book, the film, the pajamas, the toy – you name it, we had it!  And it says a lot about the film that it’s still as revered today as it was 30 years ago. One of my favourite Christmas movies of all time.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why haven’t I included Frozen? Well, that’s an easy one. Because I H-A-T-E it! That saccharine- cheese, tapping in to every cliché that young girls buy in to. That ear-piercing soundtrack, I would go on, but I turned the film off after ten minutes. Let it go – most definitely!

If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll appreciate a few more films I’ve picked out here too.

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