AniMalcolm – a new favourite ‘pet read’!

AniMalcolm – a ‘howling’ good read…

Why must it be that the things you want in life you rarely get. And yet, the things you despise you get in abundance!?

That seems to be the premise for David Baddiel’s latest treasure – ‘AniMalcolm’.  An uplifting easy-to-read story about Malcolm – a boy who didn’t get the laptop he wanted for his Birthday, and can’t escape all the things he doesn’t like. Such as animals.

Unfortunately for Malcolm, he hasn’t inherited his family’s love of pets, despite living in a house overflowing with them! This doesn’t bode so well, when the school trip he has been looking forward to all year ends up being a farm visit. Of all places.

Begrudgingly, Malcolm is forced to learn more about animals… and in more ways than he’d like to. It makes him think, eat and even smell differently. The only question is, will he return home the same boy!?

Watch the book come to life in the trailer below:


Don’t just take our word for it

The Guardian described it as “Funny, sometimes moving, always engaging”. AniMalcolm is sure to be a hit with 7-11 year olds, appealing to boys, girls, grown up’s and of course pets!

It appeals to all things children enjoy – silliness, fantasy and of course… animals.

Winner of the ‘Lollies’ and author of ‘The Parent Agency’ among others, David Baddiel’s latest children’s book is now available from Harper Collins.

AniMalcolm is available in paperback and hardback from all good bookstores (and on Kindle).

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