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Hello and welcome to the crazy journey that is parenthood..

Milk Drunk Diary was launched in early 2015 when I became a ‘Mom’ for the first time to my son ‘Boo’. My good friend and co-founder Aidan, coerced me into sharing my experiences, offering an ‘honest’ voice for other parents who have a baby, but no idea what to do with it!

What was meant to be a cathartic and creative release on maternity leave, somehow turned in to one of the leading parent blogs. We are constantly humbled to have amassed such a following of more than 30,000 followers here and on social media.

My ambition was to offer truisms as a first-time parent. Bored of reading the same old advice ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ (entirely impossible), I wanted to know the important things; like what the hell is ‘tongue tie’, what’s the difference between romper suits and sleepsuits, and what essentials I need for travelling with a tot. And so here I am, electronic pen to iPad, sharing it all with you.

Why Milk Drunk? Well, as any parent knows, that satisfying look on your baby’s face after a hearty feed is priceless. That woozy ‘I don’t know my limit’ expression kinda reminds you of your husband when you first met him. It evokes a mixture of love and laughter. And that’s exactly what we hope to bring you too.

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Sophia Walker is the Editor of Milk Drunk Diary and contributes to the Huffington Post Parents, Brit Mums and other media. She lives with her son Boo and husband in London. When she grows up, she hopes to own a pug dog!

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