So here I am, a few weeks in to Motherhood, wishing I hadn’t spent the previous 30 or so years fearing this part of my life, because it is so much better than anyone ever tells you.

You see people are quick to share the horror stories, and sure there’s a few, but as the cliché goes – the happy times far outweigh them.

Instead, I wish people had told me the important things – like what the hell ‘tongue tied’ means, the difference between romper suits and sleepsuits, and how to know when your little boy is about to fire at you mid nappy-change! So I figured, why not take electronic pen to iPad and be that person.

It was in fact my friend, the creative director behind this site, that got me into it. We have a shared love of travel, luxury goods, popular culture and fluffy animals! Being a parent doesn’t change any of that – it just means you have another (little) person to share it with. So, the Milk Drunk Diary is a collaboration of all the things we love – and hope you do too.

Why Milk Drunk? Well, as any parent knows, that satisfying look on your baby’s face after a hearty feed is priceless. That woozy ‘I don’t know my limit’ expression kinda reminds you of your husband when you first met him. It evokes a mixture of love and laughter. And that’s exactly what we hope to bring you too.

Just as a note, we review products frequently – but they are always editorially neutral, expressing our genuine opinion. On occasion names are changed to respect the privacy of others.

The Editor is Mum to a little boy ‘Boo’, dealing with sh*ts and giggles since 2015.

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