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I was watching the amazing film The Theory of Everything about the inspiring life of Professor Stephen Hawking the other day. There were references to chalkboards and wearing suits to school, and it got me thinking – my boy will never understand our know half the things we grew up with.

Take for instance…


Sure, a white board might just about still exist (our nursery has a digital one FFS!), but never will he appreciate the simplicity of learning from a piece of chalk and dusty board.


Speaking of nostalgia, never will he have the twisted pleasure of recording the charts on his tape recorder, and listening to them back until the tape gets eaten up. Or, more romantically, making a compilation of his favourite songs for a friend…


Writing your number down

Indeed, I remember the excitement of (the few times) a guy has written his number on a piece of paper and handed it to me. These days it’s all about connecting on Facebook or taking your number down on a mobile phone. Gone is the simple pleasure of a note.

Processing Photos

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is the single greatest invention I own. I love taking pictures and having instant access to them. But there’s something magically exciting about taking a roll of photos and not knowing what to expect, something my boy may never do in his lifetime, and that makes me sad.

And who could forget…

Maths Cubes

It’s not a fond memory, learning maths. But I recall learning my ten and 100 times table with brown wooden blocks. Really, I couldn’t quite get my head around it, but was reliably told by my teacher that 2 = 20, 3 = 30 and so forth. Today of course calculators are on phones, ipads and every other school accessory. Do I sound old!?

Bad computer games!

I kid you not that one of the best computer games I had as a kid was ‘guess the capital of the American state’. Educational and fun, and black and white. Wow, we knew how to live! A pleasure my son my thankfully miss instead having some pretty awesome computer games on the Playstation.


The Video Shop

Does it even exist anymore? I remember going with my neighbours to hire out E.T, they all wanted something like Rambo, but I won. But, a lifetime of films on Lovefilm and Netflix, I doubt the little one will ever know the simple pleasure of driving half a mile to find your favourite film isn’t available and on VHS.


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