The Meningitis-B Jab – a nasty sting

With the atmosphere heavy with recent stories about the meningitis-b jab, we look at the story in more detail.

It was an all too familiar and desperately heartbreaking scene when Matt Dawson bravely posted pictures of his young child suffering from Meningitis last week. If you haven’t seen the troubling photos, they can be found here.

Thankfully his child Sami appears to be getting better, thanks to the ever-wonderful care of our great health system.

But it has sparked a new and worrying debate about the necessity of the vaccination as other parents have started to come forward with tragic stories. This just shouldn’t be happening to any of us.

This isn’t new I’m afraid…

I first wrote about the necessity for a Men B vaccination a year ago, when the NHS were still debating whether to introduce it or not. I am thrilled to say that since then it has become available in the NHS, albeit to a very limited amount of babies, and sadly not my son.


So, we went private to a Private Practice in West London, who dutifully provided the first three doses for £150 a vaccination. And you would have thought that this renowned clinic would have considered that my son would need four injections to complete the course and, like many other private surgeries, reserve the final dosage for him. Unfortunately not. And now I find myself in the situation of desperately seeking a GP that will administer his final booster, to complete the course. All at a time when waiting lists are three months long and there’s only one supplier of the drug.

Educate yourself

Finally, I do urge any parent to watch this beneficial video and for more information, please visit . It’s just as important to know the signs, as it is to be vaccinated against the virus.

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