The Best Educational Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

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There have been numerous claims that technology is robbing our children of a ‘normal’ childhood – and that simply isn’t true.

Our world is a marvel of technological innovations that are propelling us into a future we had previously only ever seen in science-fiction movies – and why shouldn’t our children join us on that journey?

At the forefront of that advancement is Virtual Reality (VR) – a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment that can be interacted with in a physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, ordinarily goggles.

This innovative technology is making its way into our children’s classrooms – far from making our children anti-social and stuck in-front of screens, Virtual Reality is opening up new experiences and worlds to our little ones that they may never normally encounter.

In partnership with specialist ITR Events, who have taken a look at the top educational VR apps available on the market right now:

Titans Of Space

Embark on an intergalactic journey in Titans Of Space. Described as “better than a trip to the planetarium”, this app allows children to undertake a short guided tour of space in order to understand the sheer size and scale of our universe.

The journey is packed full of accurate visuals and facts for over 40 celestial bodies, and accompanied by 60 minutes of a knowledgeable voice-over to guide your mini astronaut on their quest.

Sites VR

Does your child enjoy travelling? Now they can traverse the entire globe, without the strain on your bank account!

Sites VR allows youngsters to tour landmarks in exotic countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Yemen, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium and France.

They can examine the marvels of architecture, visit mosques, tombs, palaces, museums, castles, towers, historic houses, religious sites, ancient cities and other places with more than a thousand 360° panoramic images in high quality.


It’s natural for a child to be intrigued by the human anatomy, from cells to organs, hair to feet. But, it can be a confusing and mind-boggling topic for them, and Anatomyou aims to eradicate that.

Anatomyou allows your child to select a body part or system that they would like to learn more about – and explore it as if they have been shrunk down to the size of a cell!

As they explore they can uncover various facts about different parts of the anatomy they have chosen – all while studying Photorealistic anatomical structures, modelled in collaboration with RenderArea, validated by clinical experts and certificated by the Chair of Medical Technologies at Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

InMind VR 2

Building on the depth of InMind, InMind VR 2 creates an open discussion about themed of mental health within youths.

The second game within the series revolves around the chemistry behind human emotion, set inside the brain of John, a teenage boy. It is inspired by Lövheim’s theory of emotions and the well-loved Disney Pixar animated movie, Inside Out.

To control John’s emotions, you must catch the right neurons by shaking his head. These molecules will control John’s reactions to the situations around him, which will then shape his future as an adult.


VR Lessons By Think Ling

Any lesson you could possibly think of has been turned into a VR masterpiece by Think Ling – allowing education to be done both in the classroom and at home, while always being fun.

Designed for primary school students, VR Lessons by ThingLink is a repository of interactive lessons and visuals that cover a wide range of topics like arts, language and science.

Take a virtual tour of the French Alps, discover a brand new element, talk to the natives of a foreign country and paint the new Mona Lisa – all in one handy app!

Tilt Brush

Do away with traditional and messy art materials with this innovative new artistic application.

Tilt Brush encourages students to make any virtual space their canvas. It comes with a large palette of dynamic brushes, a variety of interfaces, and the option to share artworks either in the form of animated gifs or large scale masterpieces.

Don’t just display their art on the fridge – turn your entire house into a work of art as Tilt Brush aims to unlock limitless possibilities, your walls and floor can now be covered in paint without the need to clean!

Learn Languages VR

As our society becomes more and more diverse and multi-cultural – it is important now more than ever for our children to be able to communicate freely in a variety of different languages.

Learn Languages VR aims to bridge this cultural app with fun and immersive language lessons designed for all ages.

 The app contains snippets of dialogue from real life, including 28 languages that students can choose totally by themselves.

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