Like Mother, like baby (spice) – the new Kit & Kin range

It’s a Kit & Kin thing….

When I heard that my favourite spice girl was entering the Mother and Baby market with business partner Christopher Money, I was very excited. Finally, 2 would become 1 and we could spice up our lives… ok, enough, enough, sorry!

I’ve met Emma Bunton before, and she is the sweet bundle of loveliness you’d hope for. The real deal. So, when I heard she was launching Kit + Kin, I had to get my hands on it first. Well actually my son did…

The brand is differentiating itself in the market, by offering an affordable yet premium range of carefully considered products for the environment, Mother and child. In a world where everything is loaded with chemicals, it’s really refreshing to see a range using only natural, nourishing, eco-friendly ingredients as well as sustainable materials.

“My son has always suffered with eczema and for so many years we struggled to find products that weren’t full of chemicals that would further irritate his skin. As a mother, my children are my number one priority and I do everything I can to ensure they’re always safe, healthy and happy.” Emma Bunton

Nice Nappies

Lets take their nappies for starters. They come in beautiful designs, and are as good as any brand we’ve tried (they actually remind me a lot of the Tesco range – one of my favourites on the market). That said, my son knew he was wearing something different although didn’t seem unhappy about it. They are made from biodegradable materials that take three to six years to decompose, compared to… wait for it, 500 years that conventional nappies take. That’s a lot of poop to have lying about people! (For a monthly nappy subscription, including four packs of nappies, it costs £29.99)

(C) Kit & Kin

Double bubble

Bath time is ALL about the bubbles, so I was interested to see how they would fair. Just a squirt produced a long-lasting stream of bubbles and my son’s skin feeling cleansed. Although the product is infused with natural goodness from plums, mangoes, strawberries and ginseng, I couldn’t smell anything, which I suppose is the trade-off for a natural product. You also need to give the bottle a shake as it can crystallise at the bottom. Otherwise, quite impressed. (Bubble bath, £7.99)

A tear-free bath time

But it was their skincare range that I was particularly interested in, as my son suffers from dry skin and I’m always on the lookout for gentle and mosituring bath time products.

The large bottle of hair & body wash is hypoallergenic and pH balanced, meaning it’s ideal for little ones. It has a soft yet cleansing feel and felt kind on his skin. Again, it references tones of marshmallow, lavender and mango, but it wasn’t strong enough to notice. There were at least no tears during hair washing, and it gave a lovely shine to his hair. Hair and body wash (£7.99)

A little bit of magic…

I’m a HUGE fan of this product, since it’s everything I love about Coco Butter but without the overwhelming fragrance. And yes, I know it’s for kiddies, but it’s so rich and moisturising that I couldn’t help but use it on my skin as well. Magic Slave is ideal for nappy rashes, as a barrier cream or for general dry patches. It’s made up for oils and botanical extracts. My favourite product in their range. Magic Slave, £7.99

Oil, not oily

Great for sensitive gentle newborn skin and for those of you into the baby massage thing. I also found it helpful to rub onto my c-section scar and any neglected areas of dry skin. Again, it has that lovely gentle feel about it, a lot like Argan oil,for those of you familiar with that. Body oil (£8.99)

A bit on the side

There are other great products in the range too, from breast balm to stretch mark oil and their range comes in beautifully boxed packages, such as the ‘Mum Bundle’ (£16.99) and ‘Baby Bundle’ (£29.99), which are affordably priced making ideal presents for baby showers, new parents and little arrivals.

Say you’ll be there!

I’m rather fond of this well thought out, yet simple new range. Kit + Kin is beautifully packaged, loaded with natural goodness, and is clearly made with little ones in mind. If you’re a fan of fragranced products, this won’t appeal to you, but such is the trade-off for chemical free goods.

Best of all, this range thinks about the environment and our little ones, and that gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Celebrity Mums would agree

Other than myself, obvs, Kit + Kin is amassing a celebrity following, including Sally Wood and Kimberley Walsh – check out their recent posts…


The range is currently only available online, however, I hope it branches out to the high street, as it is going to be a hit!

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