Exclusive Interview with Mumpreneur Katie Piper

Mother, philanthropist, inspiration and now a ‘Mumpreneur’ – in an exclusive interview with Milk Drunk Diary, Katie Piper tells us all about her latest baby range for My Babiie, her new book on confidence, and the challenges of being a working Mum…

MDD: Congratulations on your new range for babies, what’s the collection inspired by?
KP: Thank you so much – I’m so pleased it’s finally launched, it’s been a long time in planning and I’ve wanted to launch a collection since my daughter Belle was born. The collection is inspired by nature and all carry a sense of freedom and happiness, the ethos of how I am as a mother. So as an example I have a few olive, khaki and desert sage designs and colour ways, and two of my prints are very nature led with butterflies and swallows. I named the range ‘Believe’ just to remind new parents to believe in themselves and have faith in the knowledge that they are doing great. That’s why I wanted to include the milestone cards too – which are all about happiness, positivity and memories.

2-katie-piper-believe-mb51-khaki-stripes-u139-99 Katie Piper Milestone Cards

You mention you’re a Mum to a little girl – how do you find the balance between working and parenting?

Katie Piper babyKP: It is hard of course but being a working mum is really important to me. I want Belle to grow up seeing me working hard and give her the best values in life and work ethic. Finding the balance is tricky, however I am very strict with my ‘family time’ and that is my priority. I make sure that time with Belle and my husband is in my schedule, whether that is a day at home watching Peppa Pig, a day out at the park / farm / swimming or celebrating special occasions, it’s so important to me to have a healthy balance of family life vs work life.

I think the main thing is that you are probably doing better than you think you are…

MDD: You’re shortly launching a book on confidence too – what advice can you give to new Mum’s who may lack body confidence post having a baby?

Katie Piper body confidence bookKP: I think the main thing is that you are probably doing better than you think you are! I’d find it strange if a new mum didn’t find it hard and didn’t lack body confidence post birth. Your whole body changes, and mentally your mind-set changes when you become a parent. It’s a BIG change. The main thing is look after yourself and the baby, knowing that’s the priority, body confidence can follow – but what more could give you confidence than knowing your body has brought a new incredible life in to the world, that should give you all the confidence in the world!

In my book ‘Confidence, The Secret’ which is out in December I talk about confidence, mental and physical – it means something different to everyone but I share tips and tricks to improve your confidence to live the best life you can. I really hope people and new mums find it useful, especially in the New Year – to refresh the mindset for 2017!

MDD: And finally, w
hat are your top tips can to Mumpreneuers and Dadpreneurs that would like to launch a product, but don’t know where to start?

KP: Find something you love, but also find something that is different. A product may exist but to make it work it needs to have a different edge or quirky twist. With passion and hard-work anything is possible!

Katie’s debut range ‘Believe, by Katie Piper’ is now available at MyBabiee.com, starting from £69.99 – you can join the conversation using #BelieveBabiie. Her forthcoming and fifth book ‘Confidence: The Secret’ launches on 29 December, you can pre-order a copy on Amazon now.

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