Three Books for Dadpreneur’s this Father’s Day

Notes for a sassy Father’s Day

A date for your diaries – Sunday June 18. No, you’re not all coming round to mine…. it’s Father’s Day, innit!

There’s a ton of blog posts out there about ‘best gifts for Daddy’, blah, blah, blah. Well I decided to do something a little different – to share three books to buy the Dadpreneur in your life.

Last year alone, research found that 80 new companies started up an hour. That’s a hell of a lot of entrepreneurs, and I imagine many of those are ‘Mumpreneurs’ and ‘Dadpreneurs’. Why so many? Well, having a child makes you re-evalute your work-life balance, encourages flexible working, and drives people to want to be their own boss. I should know, I’m one.

But the road is a long one and the journey can be challenging without some guidance on the way. So rather than a frivolous wine cooler, novelty socks or random egg poacher (embarrassingly, all gifts my Dad has been the recipient of!), here’s three rather handy books that don’t cost much, but give back an awful lot.

They’re all available on Amazon and for under a tenner.

ZERO TO ONE – £6.99

Sounds like a game show, but isn’t! People I know positively rave about Peter Thiel’s notes on ho to start up a start up. This is the ultimate read for anyone embarking on their own venture. Crucially, it has all the important ‘i’s’ – informative, insightful and inspirational.


REWORK – £7.79

An inspiring and motivating book for anyone wishing to leave the rat race to work for themselves. Its premise is that anyone can start a business and within the limits they set. This book shoots from the hip, and packs a promising punch that will change the way you work forever.


PURPLE COW – £9.98

Purple Cow is such a compelling read that you will burn through it, so hard it is to put down. Seth Godin understands marketing and looks at the themes that make other brands successful. His ‘purple cow’ theory is invaluable to anyone looking to differentiate themselves in the market.

Well there you have it, three books which will make the Dad in your life rather grateful that you ditched those petrol station flowers! Happy Father’s Day all.

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