Welcome to a New Year!

If 2018 taught us anything, it’s that far-flung destinations and staycations are equally as enjoyed by parents, and that eco-tourism is on the rise. With countries such as Costa Rica really investing in some of the best eco-resorts now, and with a more ethically minded consumer, wellbeing tourism is on the rise.

But for 2019, it’s a revival of sleepier destinations, reinvented for a new traveller.

Top Travel for Families in 2019

  1. Tenerife

Tenerife is set to eclipse Portugal as the new big destination for families. With great all-year round weather (rarely dropping below 20 degrees) and a plethora of high-end hotels opening up, it’s becoming a popular destination for family travel. Admittedly, the beaches aren’t the best, but who needs that when there’s pools for days to splash into. There’s also an increased focus on kids clubs and entertainment, with The Hard Rock hotel being just one of the many with a dedicated kids club jam-packed with excellent activities. With The Ritz Carlton and the Sheraton, you’re spoilt for choice!

2. Gozo, Malta

Malta is slowly shaking off it’s image as an island for pensioners! Far from it, the MTV European Music Awards were recently held here, and it has been graced by a number of celebrities from Jamie Oliver to Elton John having stepped on this delightful island.

Another reason that makes it popular with parents, is that it’s more affordable alternative to some of the islands in the Balearics that command high price tags. And finally, with its privileged position, Malta enjoys warm weather for a lot longer than many other European destinations. Great shopping and easy-to-navigate streets make this one to watch…

3. Arles, France

A great destination for the kids to practice their pigeon-French, Arles is an exciting city that has been hailed as ‘one to watch’ by the experts at Conde Nast Traveller for 2019. This is a go-to destination for those serious about the arts, a place favoured and promoted by Vincent Van Gogh, no less. Its coastal position, also makes it great for exploring the crashing waves when the surf is up for the younger more capable swimmers!

4. Matera, Italy

Every year a new list of European Cities are listed as the official European City of Culture for the year ahead. In 2019, Matera will enjoy this title. The unsuspecting Italian canyon is home to some of the most extreme views of rocky hillsides and sweeping vistas. Not great for buggies, but certainly ideal for older children that love to explore. This is a destination all about the food and drink though, so be prepared not to drive as the red wine is too good to stop at one glass…

5. Lefkada, Greece

We can’t get enough of Greece and its islands it seems. Always on the hunt for the next hot spot, Lefkada is making waves in the travel industry, least of all because a new direct service will launch in the coming months with BA.

This Greek island, dripping off the side of its mainland is known for outstanding turquoise beaches for those that like to drop and flop! Traditional villages and a slower pace of life, make this a great choice for those with little ones, in search of great food, drink and culture!

Thanks to Unsplash for the images.