1D is for Daddy…

Stop screaming, it’s only 1D!

In a previous life I worked a lot with celebrities. Sometimes it was exciting, sometimes it was just a job – but it was always insightful.

Jonathan Ross, Gary Barlow, and Tony Hadley (surely worth a mention for his appearance alone in ‘I’m a Celeb..’) are among some of the loveliest I’ve met. And likewise, there’s a few who certainly weren’t joyful – but that’s a whole other post.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with One Direction, aka 1D. They were lovely boys, but of the many celebrities I’ve met, ironically lacked the ‘X Factor’.

Noel Gallagher recently said Harry Styles has ‘nothing to say for himself’ and although I found him very sweet, he was well, introspective. Louis was moody, Liam was polite and Niall was endearing and smart.

We hung out during the filming of their music video, most of which they spent time playing football with each other, like boys in a schoolyard.

So when the news broke recently that Louis was to be a father following a fling, at the tender age of 23, I felt for him. Not because he’s young, but because I wonder if he is ready.

Love is the most important thing you can give your child – that and security, of which both I’m sure he has. But can you really be ready to take the next step in life – to be a Father figure, a responsible adult, a role model – when you’re just starting out in the world yourself and in the world’s hottest boyband? Man, you’d have to have some willpower to say no to partying with groupies when there’s a nappy to be changed!

Louis isn’t with the Mother of his child, but is doing the honourable thing and supporting her. And that alone puts him in good stead. He is soon to discover that bringing a life into the world is one of the most fascinating, amazing, emotional and exhausting journeys he will take. Forget global tours and late night’s out with Taylor Swift – this is hardcore!


My advice to Louis is to spend as much time with your baby in the first year, because it’s magical, and you’ll never get it back. And maybe, this time next year, you’ll have gone from boy band heartthrob, to Dad rock. Lets see!

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